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Tim Kane hails from an award-winning 22-year career as a newspaper department executive, leader, mentor, editor, designer, reporter and copy editor at several Massachusetts-based daily and weekly publications. Simultaneously, Tim holds long-time positions in the non-profit world as a communications consultant for the Boy Scouts of America, the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the New England Newspaper and Press Association.

11008566_10203857115295011_5876786251513051728_nWolf Swamp Media understands this region’s print, radio, television and online media marketplace because it has worked within those realms for decades. The firm can relate to the sensitivities and high expectations from boards of directors because Tim has served on several high profile panels. As a past leader of newsrooms and ad-hoc committees, Tim can easily translate the corporate, small business and non-profit world into realistic terms.

Wolf Swamp Media’s single greatest strength is its ability to offer clients upscaling options for their marketing programs. For example, if you require a basic website redesign, Tim not only has the skills to design it for both web and mobile platforms, but also expertise in writing, editing, photography and graphic design to take your content to the next level of excellence. What about that press release you have that needs creation or massaging? Wolf Swamp Media offers clients the opportunity to bring their stories and products to life with prose written like an actual newspaper or magazine article instead of using pre-canned, boring verbiage. As for copy editing, ingrained in Tim’s collective memory are volumes of common word usage, syntax and grammatical style guides.

Wolf Swamp Media is in business to help your business grow. For more than 22 years, Tim composed and edited tens of thousands of stories about small business issues and owner profiles. So he truly understands your challenges and needs more intimately than most PR firms do. That gives him a big leg up on helping you envision a sound marketing plan.

You get the picture. “Why” is the first thing Tim asks before taking on a new client because it is a question he has lived by for decades as newspaper and non-profit professional.

Thanks for considering Wolf Swamp Media.

Tim Kane is career professional writer, teacher, marketeer and musician.

Tim Kane is career professional writer, teacher, marketeer and musician.

Tim Kane