Audio Recording & Sound System Amplification

Sound system recording

Over the past two decades, Tim has performed as a drummer, songwriter, singer and sound facilitator in numerous bands and musical events of many different styles. It is within this framework that he developed a passion and unique skillset for audio recording and sound system broadcasting services.

Using the latest in digital m-Audio, Garageband and Pro Tools technologies, as well as more traditional PA mics, amps and heads arrangements, Tim can offer clients of diverse needs a quickly setup, mobile platform from which to record their private or public event in audio and/or video formats.

Moreover, if your event requires a full public address sound system, Tim is more than qualified and has the equipment needed to get the job done for both small and large venues.

An added component to these offerings is the opportunity for clients to have Tim later mixdown your audio and video from raw captured footage into a professional level final edited versions complete with special effects, soundtrack, transitional tiles, text headers and social media publicity options using a variety of viewing applications.

Some recent clients who have used Tim’s sound and recording services are listed below:

  • Hyland Orchard & Brewery, Sturbridge, MA (stage sound system and recording)
  • Boy Scouts of America, Worcester, MA (videography)
  • Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA (instrumental lesson audio and video production)
  • Cable Access Channel 13, Worcester, MA (television show production)
  • Live music events,Somerville, Worcester, Sturbridge, MA (promotion, sound system, DJ, live band booking and performance)