Web Design

hylandWolf Swamp Media provides a basic web design service of up to 25 pages to small businesses looking to enhance their current website for both web and mobile platforms, or to start from scratch. An added incentive to its service is the ability to produce original graphic designs as well as write and edit content that sings.

Designs are customized and powered using WordPress.org where one in four websites are created today.

As a most recent example, Wolf Swamp Media was hired by Hyland Orchard & Brewery to launch a brand new website and social media integration in April 2015 found at http://hylandorchard.com. Custom designed in two different modes to reach both mobile and tablet digital platforms as well as PCs, hylandorchard.com gives fans and visitors a 21st-century experience on a farm that dates back to the 19th century.

The website’s upgraded offerings include a much better organized and expanded written and photographic overview about the pavilion, orchard, brewery and disc golf operations as well as the farm’s history. Users can also signup for email alerts, view and buy tickets to upcoming farm events, and access added social media channels to watch farm videos, slideshows and photos on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The site even has a new SEO-friendly blog built into the front page titled “The Farm Life”, which will be frequently updated.

Website clients include:




Homefield Brewing (work in progress)